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Welcome to Rowley Tales, my family history & genealogy website. Most of our ancestors were farmers, but there were also pilgrims, blacksmiths, inventers, doctors, revolutionary soldiers, and more. The main families on this site descend from the Rowleys, Langrells, Knapps and Hills and Cheneys, whose ancestors were early Pilgrims from Europe to the Plymouth Colonies in America. I also traced our Van Tassel and native roots in the Dutch Colonies on Long Island, New York. I also follow my mother's ancestors: the Van Wilks, Delsmans, Van Den Bosch, de Reiger and Visser families of Holland, in The Netherlands. See Featured Families.

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New! The Featured Family Group Section describes the family ancestors, details about their lives and immigration to America, and also lists the place of residence and occupations of the family members, as found in the American census from 1790 through 1940:


Who: Colonial American Families: Rowley, Langrell, Parsons, Hills, Cheney, Van Tassel and Knapp. Other Featured Family Surnames: Mantle, Alter, Van Wijk, Delsman, Wagner, and Hahn.

Where: 1. Colonial Massachussetts, Connecticut, New York, and Vermont in New England. 2. The Dutch Colonies of Long Island, New York. 2. Holland, The Netherlands.

When: 1598 through present day.

Native American Ancestor: Catoneras, Sunsqua of the Montauk Tribe of Long Island, New York - see the Van Tassel Family Group.

First European Immigrants to America: Jan Cornelis Van Texel - see the Van Tassel Family Group) and his son immigrated to the Dutch Colony in New York between 1606 and 1624.

Henry Rowley immigrated to the Plymouth Colony between 1632 and 1633.

How Many: As of November 10, 2016, this site contains 6507 individuals and 1728 unique surnames.

Rowley Family Letter Album, a book Featured Books

"Family Letter Album - Rowley and Cheney Family of Vermont and Pennsylvania"


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News: March 18 2018. Much work on the Family family Group Section: It includes more research on the original ancestors, and the locations and occupations of each family member during the American Census 1790-1940. Not all of my new research has been imported yet... Check the reports out as I continue to update them!

News: June 4, 2017. Quite a lot of work has gone on to start the new Family Group Section.

News: November 10, 2016. I've continued to add news articles and obituaries from New York. In addition I have added the Van Tassel branch of New York, and more people, to bring the count up to 6507 individuals and 1728 unique surnames.

News: May 7, 2016. I've added quite a lot of obituaries from New York, thanks to the awesome collection of newspapers at In addition I have loaded many new family charts, to bring the count up to 6078 individuals and 1642 unique surnames.

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